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New Safari Beta Soon Please?

I've gotten used to Safari 4's "tabs on top." It doesn't mean I like them, and all of my previous complaints are still valid (to me).

That said, I'd really like an update to the beta, even if all it did was fix this problem.

2 Responses to "New Safari Beta Soon Please?"

  1. Exactly why I stick with the WebKit development releases. The Sparkle Update Framework make it much more convenient to work with.

  2. As long as they continue to allow me the option to put tabs back where they belong, I'd love another version of the Safari beta. If they insist on moving them to the title bar, I'll be switching to Firefox.

    That said, I'd like another beta to fix the annoying bug I've seen regarding Top Sites: I can't get my sites to "stick" in there, even if I pin them there. Some stay, some don't. Very annoying.