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Coke Rewards Points

Just curious: anyone else out there collect Coke Rewards points? Carey and I have about 2900, but really haven't seen anything worth spending them on for quite some time. We used to get the free movie rentals (plus pop and popcorn) from Blockbuster, but we haven't seen those offers in several months.

3 Responses to "Coke Rewards Points"

  1. 😆 😆 🙄 I enter the rewards drawings with mine I won a MP-3 Player a couple of years ago. Maybee a hat too.

  2. 😛 I am looking for them for the 6 flags offers. I would pay alittle if I had to.

  3. My sons' school is collecting them to save for gym equipment. If you are feeling generous you could make 400 low to middle income kids very happy by donating some points to St. Paul's Lutheran School. Just go to spend points and hit donate to a school and you can find us by typing in the zip code, 21061. We need to save 23000 points (so far we have 2700). Thanks!