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2009 Memorial Tournament

I'm once again attending the 2009 Memorial Tournament. I'm looking forward to trying out my 300mm f/2.8 lens with the 2x extender. Results last year with the 1.4x were quite good, and though I'm not expecting tack-sharp shots with the 2x, I think they should be more than good enough for web-based publication.

With two camera bodies this year, the 5D II will likely carry the 300mm (with or without an extender) and the 5D will probably have the 70-200 on it most of the time.

Prediction: a few thousand photos and some sore shoulders, ankles, and knees by about Saturday. 🙂

One Response to "2009 Memorial Tournament"

  1. I went the first day. Saw Tiger on about the 6th hole. Followed him and the crowd till about 12 were our rented house was. Boy he sure does attract a whole gang of photographers and videographers! Some had some real sweet equipment!

    I wish I could have had a press pass. As it was they were wanting everyone to leave their cell phones at the gates so you couldn't take pictures 🙁