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Browser of Choice?


12 Responses to "Browser of Choice?"

  1. Voted Safari; meant :mrgreen:

  2. Firefox. It's hard to live without Adblock+, FlashBlock, Google Customizer, Bug Me Not, and Firebug.

    1. [quote comment="54558"]Firefox. It's hard to live without Adblock+, FlashBlock, Google Customizer, Bug Me Not, and Firebug.[/quote]

      What he said.

  3. I use Google Chrome as much as I can but often have to go back to IE for other features or better viewing some sites. If IE was so incredibly slow I wouldn't mind it being my primary.

  4. Using Safari on my mac, and settled on Chrome for Windows. I have been a Firefox supporter since it was version 0.7 or so, but recently have given up on it completely. It is too slow to load, and chews up way too much memory. Chrome has it's own problems too, but at least it is responsive on startup and doesnt eat all of my RAM.

    Safari 4 has hit the sweet spot for me. Now, if only I could get rid of Windows at work...

  5. Safari. It's fast, has a great UI, and it rarely gives me trouble anymore.

    There's also a handful of plugins/add-ons/hacks for Safari that add all of the functionality that I'd miss from Firefox. ClickToFlash, for example.

  6. Firefox.

    Because of plugins like Delicious and Firebug, but mainly because of the full page zoom feature that remembers on a domain basis what your preferred zoom setting is…

    Contemplated switching to Safari 4 but Firefox 3.5+ (released in the past week) seems to have resolved the ill where I had to restart Firefox every day or so due to intermittent spinning beach balls (memory leakage I presume…). Seems just as snappy as Safari 4 now…

  7. Safari is too fast, dependable, sleek not to use. I've tried my darnedest to like FF but it's slow as molasses compared to Safari. I only wish Safari could send virtually all clicks to tab instead of a new window. That would make it just about perfect.

    1. - Force 'new window' links to open in new tabs in Safari

      There's a bunch of hidden preferences, but this is the most useful.

  8. I voted Something Else because, alas, my primary computers are Windows PCs where I use Google Chrome. Otherwise, I use Safari on the wife's Macbook Pro 😉

  9. Safari. Best UI by far, and WebKit is really great these days.

  10. I'm a fan of OmniWeb for the flexibility it offers for tabbed browsing, and how it remembers "workspaces" (what FireFox refers to as "sessions," I believe.)