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Snow Leopard Features

Which of the, I don't know, hundred or so Snow Leopard Enhancements and Refinements are you most looking forward to?

My short list includes a few things in the Finder (couldn't really care less that it's written in Cocoa at this point, but that may change and is a role in some of the other things that came along "for free"), some of the things in QuickTime X (though some things also seem like a step backwards), Preview's text selection and multiple documents-in-a-window, and the smaller footprint - 6 GB of freed disk space. Oh, and the price is nice. 🙂

So again, what are you looking forward to?

5 Responses to "Snow Leopard Features"

  1. Exchange support of Address Book and Mail is one.

    Quicktime X might actually make Quicktime usable again, though I'll still probably remain steadfast to VLC.

    The refinement of stacks look pretty good, I use a small handful of them on a regular basis, though one of my major misgivings is they disregard folder labels. I'm unsure if Snow Leopard fixes that.

    Finally I'd say the Services menu. I used it a bunch in Tiger when you could use ServiceScrubber to knock out all the crap you didn't want; in Leopard half that stuff was signed so it was unremovable.

  2. So far with the GM seed from WWDC I'm loving the Exchange support, only because I have to use an Exchange server for work. It's so good I've dumped Outlook in a VM and the Linux solutions. I only do stuff on my laptop if I have it and my iPhone otherwise.

  3. Services, Xcode 3.2, new APIs, blocks.

  4. More reliable disk eject: improved dialogs tell you which applications are using the drive.

    Navigate folders in stacks.

    Safari: Sandboxed Flash. And hoping it will finally send Accept Language headers correctly, i.e. all my preferred languages in order instead of just the first one.

    Preview: Intelligent text selection, Multiple documents in
    a single window, Contact sheet for images.

    Mail: Improvements to message composition. Maybe we finally get to use non-breaking spaces and to paste plain text without getting unremovable double line spacing.

  5. Some of the Mac OS X Server stuff sounds really cool. I read a little about imaging - the current NetInstall system is decent, but could absolutely use some work (we use DeployStudio instead).

    I like the decreased installation time. We work with disc images a lot, but it'll be handy for when I actually need to do a clean OS install.

    Uh, Finder sounds neat. Quick Look in iChat will be nice for when people send me pictures - I currently double-click them to open in Preview.