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How Many iPhone Apps?

How many iPhone apps do you have in iTunes? How many screens on your iPhone (or iPod Touch)?

I've got 58 applications, some of which are NOT on my iPhone because I don't like them (but haven't gotten around to deleting them from iTunes). My iPhone has four screens ((The third page has one hole, and the fourth page has two.)) of applications, including the almost all-Apple first screen but excluding the app-less "search" screen. Most of my apps are free. The one app I use the most I paid $0.99 for - WeatherBug Elite.

4 Responses to "How Many iPhone Apps?"

  1. I'm still an iPhone-less hobo. I've been wanting one for a long time now, but I'm still stuck with my current provider for another year. However, it looks like they'll carry the 3GS "soon", so there's some hope...

  2. 5pp of apps on the phone for 77 (though a few of those a bookmarks to Google apps). 140 in iTunes.

    I probably have bought around 30$ of games, and $10 of various utilities.

    I regularly use:
    . Scrabble ($5)
    . Kindle (free)
    . Facebook (free)
    . iSSH (includes X11, VNC) ($5)
    . bookmarks to Google Reader/Chat
    . Google app (free)
    . Wikipanion (free)
    . Mint (free)
    . Epicurious (free)
    . Public Radio Tuner (free)
    . Yelp (free).

    A number of the other games I go through in phases when I'm on trips (UniWar, geoDefense, WordWarp, FlightControl, Peggle)

  3. I have 9 pages of apps (most pages are not full, though, as i like to organize and leave room for more apps on the same page... if that makes sense.)

    I feel like i have a fairly good spread of paid/free apps and games.

    Free apps i actually use (not including Apple defaults):
    • Remote
    • Google
    • Now Playing
    • Shazam
    • Facebook
    • Twitterrific
    • AroundMe
    • Yelp
    • Amazon
    • Zillow
    • iPhlix
    • MyWireless

    Paid apps (and games) i actually use:
    • Pano
    • TimeLapse
    • TiltShift
    • CameraBag
    • 3D Camera
    • Birdhouse
    • Grocery iQ
    • Fieldrunners
    • iShoot (just waiting for Worms to come out!)
    • Castle (Defend Your Castle)
    • Dynolicious
    • FriendSync

  4. I have about 50 apps on my iPod touch, most of which I don't use and need to delete. I've bought a handful of apps, and the two I use the most are At Bat (quite possibly the best app in the store), and Appigo's Todo. (Why Apple didn't include a todo app, I don't know.)

    I also purchased:
    - Appigo AccuFuel
    - Diorama
    - Inside Redbox Mobile
    - 1Password Pro

    I also have installed the free versions of a bunch of games (Toobz, Rollercoaster Rush, Solitaire, Pac-Man Lite, Lemonade Tycoon), and some other neat apps (Quickpedia, Craigsphone, WRAL, WSJ, Whole Foods Market recipies, WHERE, Urbanspoon, Mocha VNC, MacTracker, Amazon Mobile). Lots more; I'll list them if you want.

    I haven't gotten around to organizing the apps, so there's only 5 pages there.

    In the dock are: Mail, Appigo Todo, Safari, and At Bat.