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Six Months Until Christmas, and I Want Tools

And you know what I'd like? A real set of tools.

I have a good enough drill. I have a Dremel. I have some other things (like a fairly good level).

But most of the rest of my tools are scattered brands and types. I have one set of needlenose pliers (somewhere). I have one wrench as well as a pipe wrench. I have a hammer. Maybe two. I even have a crowbar.

I'd like one set of tools and something that organizes them. I don't need a thousand-dollar tool set. I don't work on my cars. I just want stuff that I can use around the house without having to wonder if I've got the right tool for the job.

So what do I need? Sears has "mechanics" sets. They have "Professional" and "Pit Crew" tool sets. I'd like something that's of relatively good quality with a moderate selection and variance of tools.

Any suggestions?

P.S. Lowe's and Home Depot don't seem to really get into selling "sets" of tools, per se, unless it's a ratchet set or some other single-purpose type thing. Sears sells sets… anywhere else?

One Response to "Six Months Until Christmas, and I Want Tools"

  1. I recommend a Craftsman Mechanic set as you get quite a bit of variety without dropping a huge chunk of change (plus most come with a carrying case of some sort). The Professional are nice but $$$$. Plus there are Sears almost everywhere so you can check out the various kinds.