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iPhone AppleCare

I'm thinking of submitting my iPhone 3G for AppleCare work. The back case is cracked, and there are three little dots on the screen which almost look like little holes on the inside of the glass. The cracking is the big thing: it's cracked near the bottom port and twice near the ringer switch.

Anyone out there had an iPhone replaced? What's the procedure these days ((particularly if you can't get to an Apple store?))? How long are you without your phone?

3 Responses to "iPhone AppleCare"

  1. If you do take it in please post how it went. I just got a crack on my case from the ipod cable port up the back, about 1/4".

  2. Had mine replaced at the local Apple Store the other day due to cracks around the silent switch. Very straightforward to do. Do a backup of your iPhone before you go to the store, so you can easily restore the replaced one when you return.

    Schedule a genius bar appointment and tell them that you just noticed some issues with your phone. They will look it over and as long as it isn't blatant damage (they will ask you a few things, like did you sit with it in your back pocket), use a special key to unlock a special drawer and pull out a replacement iPhone (probably refurbished, although mine looked brand new), pull out the sim chip from your own phone and put it into the new phone to activate it.

    I didn't have to argue or answer a bunch of questions. Took about 10-15 minutes once my turn came up at the genius bar. As painless as it gets in my opinion. Try doing that at a AT&T or Verizon store, I dare you to get a better result.

  3. My phone has been fine but I'm on my third sync cable...