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LPGA Event in Toledo, OH

Today Carey, her brother, their father, and I attended the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic near Toledo, OH. It's an LPGA stop and has been for 25 years - though due to the current economic situation and the current commissioner, it may not be back for a 26th year.

While I don't mean to take anything away from the women, it's amazing how large a talent gap exists between the men on the PGA Tour and the women on the LPGA Tour. Wow. And most of what I'm talking about has to do with the short game: I saw as many three-putts (on teeny tiny greens) as I did one-putts and we saw more than a few straightforward chip shots left in the rough, hit across the green, or played well long or short.

I honestly think the best thing Annika Sorenstam did was to take a little of Tiger Woods' time to learn some short game stuff. If an average LPGA player could improve her short game tremendously, I think she'd see big results. Of course, since there may not be an LPGA next year ((I kid, but not by much.)), maybe that'd be a waste of time.

Other things of note about the LPGA Tour: they embrace the fans more than the PGA Tour. They make themselves readily available for autographs. They draw about 1/100th the number of fans a PGA Tour stop has, with very, very little corporate involvement.

Hey, the weather was fantastic. And despite what may come across as negativity above, they're fantastic golfers - you just can't compare them to the men. I had a great time, Carey, Brandon, and Stan had a great time, and I hope the event returns next year.