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Does anyone know how I might resolve this issue? Perhaps they know the email address of a administrator or something? My attempts to reach Yahoo via some standard email addresses (like admin@) have failed.

Virtually every user who signs up for an account at The Sand Trap's golf forum with an address fails to see the activation codes. They're either routed to the user's spam folder at Yahoo or, in about half of the cases, the user never sees the email at all.

Outgoing mail from the server is working just fine with all other domains - Yahoo is the only trouble-maker.

We don't send any spam. These are user-requested, one-time emails. The only other emails the site might send are subscription notices (to threads), an email on your birthday, and an email when you get a new private message. The user can turn all of those off. We don't send emails from the admin - even to share non-advertising type information - and we've never sent advertising from a third party.

7 Responses to " Email Admin?"

  1. I've had the same problem. You may want to check out to get on their whitelist.

  2. Make sure you have a valid SPF record, PTR for your mail server, valid headers on your message and you may need to also implement DKIM/DomainKeys on your mail server.

  3. And try hostmaster@ or postmaster@. admin@ has never been a 'standard' email address.

    1. [quote comment="54762"]And try hostmaster@ or postmaster@. admin@ has never been a 'standard' email address.[/quote]

      I've tried them all. I even made up some (like email@ and mail@). "admin@" was just the simplest and first one that came to mind. 🙂

      I've filled out the form. I also believe our SPF and PTRs are fine, and in the email I was sent when I signed up for a test account (to paste the contents of the email into their form), the headers seemed perfectly well formed to me. I doubt vBulletin would create a "bad" or malformed email.

  4. While it's RFC policy to have a postmaster@ email address there is nothing specifying that you actually have to respond to anything. I'd find it pretty unusual that any of these big companies actually check emails sent to postmaster@...

    Best way to contact them is to fill out the form that Kevin linked to above.

  5. Try here:

    At least something is causing Y! to think the mail is originating from barzeski,com.
    X-Originating-IP: []

    If nothing there provides any clues, email me and i can look further.:

  6. I received an e-mail from Yahoo stating "Verify your free yahoo account now" and ask for my personal information. It says that if I do not provide the information in two week's time, my e-mail account will be cancelled.

    I replied the e-mail ( i.e. ) trying to find out if it was a real e-mail from yahoo but it was undelivied.

    I would like to get your confirmation that the e-mail I received is not a fake one trying to steal my personal details and is really from yahoo.

    I would be pleased if you could give me a firm reply as soon as possible.