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Apple’s Built-in iPhone Apps

Does anyone else out there wish they could delete some of Apple's built-in applications from their iPhones? Sure, you can move them aside, but what if you never ever want to see them, and don't want them cluttering up your screens (or created unnecessary screens)?

For example, I can't remember the last time I launched Stocks on purpose.

P.S. John's article about Simplenote drives home another reason: replacement with something better. Why have two notes apps on your phone?

2 Responses to "Apple’s Built-in iPhone Apps"

  1. I had the same issue*. Apple's Stocks program is cute, but I much prefer Bloomberg.

    * - Then I installed SBSettings and I no longer have this issue.

  2. Not necessarily _delete_ the apps, but at least get rid of their icons. The SMS app, for instance, I haven't launched since getting my first iPhone 2 years ago. And the Contacts app just seems redundant.