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Soundtrack Pro 3 Changes

Prior to today I'd been using Soundtrack Pro 1.1 for my podcast editing. Today, in a first run-through, I noticed several things which I found annoying about 3.0.

First, every file was for some reason saved as a six-channel file. This was a pain until I figured out that I could delete four channels. I saw no preference to say "I never want surround sound."

Second, in STP 1.1 I'd edit the AIFF file and hit cmd-S to save over the .aif file. This worked for WAV files too. In STP 3.0 every time I hit cmd-s (or Save in the Save menu) I'm given a sheet to save an audio project. I can choose an AIFF file, but then the next time (sometimes five or six minutes later when I want to save again), the same thing.

Third, in STP 1.1 the "non-stereo button" (it's at the bottom, looks like a little "Y") button would stick if you clicked it while holding down the option key. This still works in STP 3.0 except that the sounds still play in full stereo… just clicking and holding down the button works as expected.