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Google Safe Browsing Unavailable

Lotta good this has been doing us all lately:

Google Safe Browsing

5 Responses to "Google Safe Browsing Unavailable"

  1. I'm not seeing that message, and from a few searches online I've gathered that it will appear as little as one day.

  2. Where is that option? Or is it a Snow Leopard thingy?

  3. [quote comment="54960"]Where is that option? Or is it a Snow Leopard thingy?[/quote]

    You have Safari 4.0, right? Though I believe it was in 3.x as well… and no, it's not a Snow Leopard thing. It's in Safari's Security prefs.

  4. I just checked mine, it says 42 days since last check. Oh well.

  5. Turn cookies back on and visit to get updated. When your disk stops buzzing, the message is gone. You can then turn off cookies and delete those that Google planted, if you so choose, but although the message remains temporarily gone it will come back later.

    Maybe you should just ignore the message because Google has a bad reputation when it comes to securing your privacy. Google to security is like the wolf watching the hen house. Make sure you want this, research it thoroughly, because this is not one of those things you should accept by default on faith. That Safari and Google are entangled is a business deal between Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt and as such is not necessarily in your best interests.