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Wii Sports Resort

If you're a fan of Wii Sports (and goodness knows we'd have still bought a Wii if that was the only game available for it), then you should really pick up a copy of Wii Sports Resort. It's bigger, better, and has some pretty fun stuff in it. My favorites include Basketball, Archery, Table Tennis, Wakeboarding (though sometimes I think it cheats - I set the Wiimote on the ground so I know it's flat, but my guy still doesn't stick his landing), and Frisbee. Power Cruising is okay, as is Air Sports.

Cycling kind of sucks (your Mii gets tired all the time), Swordplay is lame (like boxing in the original, you just end up swinging your arms around like crazy), and Golf is the same as it was before. Canoeing, blah, and Bowling is also the same, though now the 100-pin game is ten frames long and always has 100 pins.

Oh, and most of the games have two or three variants. So there are twelve styles of games, but I'd guess about 30 actual activities. Swordplay sucks in Versus and the other mode (the name escapes me), but the "Speed Slice" mode is nifty and fun, for example.

One Response to "Wii Sports Resort"

  1. archery and table tennis are great. golf is improved, but the putting is still too sensitive, I think. At least they added more holes. bowling is only slightly improved, but it was pretty good to begin with. I like the wakeboarding, but it's not entirely clear to me what it wants in terms of landing flat ... seems a bit off. I like frisbee dog. frisbee golf is too easy, since you just have to make it pass through the infinitely tall target zone, not land in it.

    I liked all modes of swordplay. Yes, you can play it by swinging crazily, but you can do much better if you learn to look at your opponent's stance and react accordingly.

    I don't like power cruising (controls don't feel right to me) and canoeing gets old. I like the one where you fly around the island in the plane, finding the special locations. (can't remember the name)

    I still haven't tried some of the others, such as basketball and cycling.