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A Good Electric Razor?

Can anyone out there recommend a good electric razor? My old one can no longer hold a charge for very long, and it was never all that great to begin with.

My facial hair doesn't grow very quickly. I have a separate beard trimmer (for a small goatee type thing), but if a razor could do that and trim nose hairs, great. Unlikely, I figure, but great.

But mostly, yeah, just a good razor. Anyone?

5 Responses to "A Good Electric Razor?"

  1. Went through a lot of razors looking for one that did a better job than my Gillette Fusion (in the shower). I found it with the Braun Series 7 ( Still love it after a year of use. Cleaning fluids are an ongoing expense but worth it for continued good experiences. Don;t scrimp on cleaning (it needs it daily to clean and lubricate the cutting services). t also lasts better than three weeks on a trip without needing to be charged.

    My two cents....

  2. I have a Philips Arcitec. It comes with a nice self-cleaning stand, and a travel case/charger. Plus it has the trimmer.

    I find it works really well.

  3. Alternative: Don't get another electric razor. Get a safety razor, badger brush, and shaving soap. Merkur makes an excellent razor, and sharp blades that'll each last a month of regular use. Colonel Conk's soap is excellent, but there's others just as good. It doesn't take much longer, shaves closer to the skin, and feels better.

  4. I vote for Philips too. I tried a Braun once and it really was significantly less efficient.

  5. Get a straight razor - I switched about a year and a half ago. It's scary at first but it has cleared up any and all skin issues I once had(ingrown hairs, etc...) I also don't shave as often

    This is a great place to start