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Your Wallet Preference


8 Responses to "Your Wallet Preference"

  1. Trifold, mostly out of old habit. I could probably do just fine with a small card-holder with place for some bills (once I've cleared out a bunch of old cards that never really get used), but I'm so used to something wallet-sized that it just feels wrong to not have it in the pocket any longer.

  2. Small card-holder.
    Why? I just don't like/use cash, it fits in your pocket.

  3. I love my Fossil Front Pocket ID (bi-fold) wallet in black.

    It's the smallest and thinnest traditional bi-fold design I could find.

    Unfortunately, Fossil's only making a brown version now which I don't like nearly as much. I should have bought several black ones when I had the chance. I've replaced it once in 8 years (the cat peed a pile of clothes containing pants with my wallet in the pocket).

    I want a small wallet that fits easily in the front pocket of my jeans. I keep 8 cards in this wallet (2 in each of the 3 card slots, plus 2 in the ID slot) plus a few bills. I like how this wallet keeps the height down by fanning out the card slots horizontally, rather than vertically like most wallets.

    ALL-ETT makes an ultra-slim wallet using spinnaker cloth. I didn't like the card pockets, so I gave it to my dad. He loves it.

  4. I've scanned a lot of items and put them in my iPhone in order to get them out of my wallet. My wallet now only has a couple of credit cards, drivers license and cash. My iPhone has digital copies of health insurance cards, AAA card, store discount cards (Also use CardStar iPhone App for some of these too), etc.

    I also carry my wallet in my front pocket so as to keep me level when sitting.

  5. A very small billfold (<1/2" think loaded).

  6. I use one of those sheet-metal paperclips called binder clips on the Staples web site. The problem with a money clip is that they get stretched when you put too much in them and then you can't put less in them anymore. Wallets are just extra padding... for what? Yup. Binder clips hold one credit card or several, one dollar or several, one receipt or several. They're pretty easy to replace, too and (while not a fashion statement) are unobtrusive enough that people don't tend to go all "WTF is that?" when you pull it out.

  7. I use a medium sized silver binder clip. Been using it for 2 years now, will never go back to a wallet or a traditional money clip. Try it.

    Just in case you don't know what a binder clip is:

  8. I use a Levenger International Pocket Briefcase that I keep in my front pocket..