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Indie Software Tech Support


Personally, I tend to hate registering in a forum just to ask a question, but I like forums because I can find the answer for myself most of the time. Email works well if a user can be descriptive (so when I use email, I try to be descriptive). Phone support is never offered, and I'll only chat up a developer if I've previously done so or they're a "pal" or acquaintance.

2 Responses to "Indie Software Tech Support"

  1. I like it when I can check a forum for an existing answer, but if there's none and I have to write, I want to be able to do it via e-mail, where I have a trace, and not with some stupid web form that limits my character count or makes me jump through hoops asking off-topic questions.

  2. We offer phone support for HelpSpot, but it's help desk software and I feel compelled to offer great support!