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Anyone with an opinion on Weeds?

Thus far I like it more than Mad Men, but not as much as Entourage. I've watched season 1 and part of season 2 on Netflix streaming on the ol' Xbox 360.

And FWIW I first liked Mary Louise Parker on West Wing.

6 Responses to "Weeds"

  1. watch it.
    love it.

    You will, trust me 🙂

    Just when the show was starting to get a bit tired, they totally shook things up, loving it all over again this season, their humor is always spot on and yes, mary louise parker is absolutely extraordinary no matter what she does.

  2. Weeds is great. Every year they like to end it in the craziest way possible, as a challenge to themselves the following year.

  3. Agreed with both of the above, weeds is great, and if you have the time to go through all the seasons, it's got a nice overarching story and interesting and changing characters. Funny too. Also Kevin Nealon is *perfect* in this role.

  4. It started getting really tired and tedious in S3, and i think i quit watching it halfway through the season.

    ...but i heard that it got better later on, and i did enjoy it (mostly) in the early seasons.

  5. And Nealon is great... "I wouldn't take a dump in the Olive Garden" is one of my all-time favorite lines. haha

  6. I enjoy Weeds, and always have. The show has changed quite a bit over time.

    The first two seasons are tagged Genre:Comedy in my iTunes library, while I've tagged the following seasons as Genre:Drama. But don't let that suggest that it's not funny anymore, it's just not primarily a comedy these days. It still remains an awesome show.