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Super Mario Brothers Wii

The game will also be the first game on the Wii to feature "demo play", where players will be able to pause the game, let the game complete the level for them, and resume play at any time by unpausing.

2 Responses to "Super Mario Brothers Wii"

  1. I am so happy to see demo play coming. I put down The Simpsons Game at the end of the second level because I couldn't figure out how (even with instructions) to get to the last guy. It's just frustrating.

  2. I do not really like demoplay cause that makes me lazy. I like to figure out how to complete a level for hours. But i understand most people do not want to spend that much time just to complete a single level. Although i like the game. I just dont like the fact that two toads are jumping across the screen when playing 4-player mode. Shouldnt Peach be playable. That wouldve been way better.