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Upgrading to Snow Leopard?


5 Responses to "Upgrading to Snow Leopard?"

  1. I downloaded the final seed once it was known that it went golden and I've been using it ever since. I have absolutely no qualms about that; I've paid for it in July already on the up-to-date program and I'm just waiting for my disc to arrive.

  2. I've been trying developer seeds on occasion on my laptop ever since they first started releasing them.

    I didn't start running it full time on my work iMac until the GM seed.

    I'll install it on my home iMac this weekend, after my boxed copy comes.

  3. I was using SL since the WWDC for development purpose, 8 hours a day. Leopard was my safe system for things outside Xcode and leisure. I upgraded my machines two weeks ago, 100% Snow Leopard.

    Switching from SL back to L was a pain, really. Very happy going the SL road all the time...

  4. Downloading 10A432 now - annoyingly it was pushed to ADC just as I was taking a taxi out to the airport for a holiday!

    But I've been running builds of it since some time last year, so I suppose "already" is the right answer for me.

  5. I installed SL last night have have been running it all day. Initial impressions are that it's solid, and *noticeably* faster. I haven't noticed much in the way of functional changes, but the fact that the performance enhancements make my '08 MBP feel brand new again is enough for me.