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Rivet 2.2.1 and Snow Leopard

Rivet 2.2.1 is out. It adds a option to turn off generating thumbnails and also fixes an issue with the thumbnail caching. Grab it - it's a free update.

As we all know, too, Snow Leopard comes out in a few days. I'm happy to report that all Cynical Peak software, like Rivet and Scorecard work just fine. From that link, Brad says:

We've been running the developer builds for awhile now and have test all of our apps on it. Cyndicate and Scorecard have no known issues with it.

Rivet will also run and work correctly on it, but there is one small known issue right now. For some video files, QuickLook is not correctly returning a thumbnail. So when viewing you list of videos, you might get some generic placeholder images. We're currently working with Apple on the issue and hope to have it resolved soon. The issue does not affect streaming of any media and will not prevent you from using Rivet like you normally do.

I'm personally looking forward to installing Snow Leopard the day I get it. I've been the one staying back on Leopard while Brad plays with the dev builds of Snow Leopard, and he raves about it. Unfortunately, having pre-ordered from, I expect to see my family installer arrive sometime in mid-September. 😛