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Subaru Forester Feedback (and Jetta SportWagen)?

An update to this post about our car search. Now we're looking at the Subaru Forester.

Any Subaru Forester owners out there with comments?

Specifically, we're looking at a 2010 2.5X Limited for about $26,500. The only incentives right now are 4.9% financing (yawn), and invoice is $24,335 + $695 destination + a few options and location fees.

Second option remains the Jetta SportWagen (either SEL or TDI). It lacks AWD but supposedly it should handle okay in Erie, PA winters according to a quick web search.

4 Responses to "Subaru Forester Feedback (and Jetta SportWagen)?"

  1. I had a 2007 Forester that I loved, especially during the New England winters. My only complaint was that the clutch pedal would get caught on the all weather floor mats, so I had to ditch the mats. In southeast CT, it is one of the most common vehicles on the road. Every one I know that has had one (~8 people) loves it. I would still be driving it, but it went to my ex-wife.

  2. I have a 1998 forester that is still going strong; approaching the 100k mark.

    So far, maintenance has included about $600 in seals & gaskets that generally go bad at the 70K mark. Known wear issue and one that I proactively spent about $200 extra on taking care of The Next Thing.

    That's it beyond regular oil changes and tire changes.

    It is comfortable, durable, and generally "just works". The back seats fold down, making for a configurable hauling experience. The interior dimensions are such that it'll haul a full sized pinball machine (an important metric for me).

    We originally had the Forester in Connecticut; handled the CT winters just fine. We lived on a rather steep hill and it consistently made it up said hill when other vehicles could not.

    A couple of friends also have Foresters... both are very much fans.

    Totally solid car.

  3. I probably said this before in a previous comment but I didn't get the Jetta TDI because they removed automatic climate control from the car. I hate fiddling with knobs and dials to keep the temp where I want it. The car was also cramped compared to the Prius I ended up getting.

  4. My wife bought an '04 Forester before we were married, and really loves it. I am driving it more now because we have a Prius that she drives because she commutes more.

    It handles great, 90+K miles in four years, and no major mechanical problems at all. It's been a great vehicle, lots of cargo capacity, carries us, our dogs, and our luggage well for most road trips in NC. Seats fold flat. Winters don't matter much in central NC, but the AWD has been nice to have for the wet weather we get. Fuel economy is not bad for an AWD vehicle. (mid to upper 20's). It has aged quite nicely.

    The complaints: The '04 had a bad window design (the door doesn't have a frame all the way around) - which has made it pretty noisy on the road, worsening as time goes on. And apparently the transmission and oil output are quite confusing to most run-of-the-mill oil changers (one vendor drained the transmission instead of the oil a few oil changes back) - so we've gone back to taking it to the dealer for all maintenance. The window issue has been fixed in newer models.

    We'd like a tad more cargo room, and may be looking at the can-hose-it-out Honda Element next, but otherwise the next replacement for the Forester would likely be a Forester.