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8 GB RAM on the Way

I have the first Mac Pro (September 2006 purchase date) and currently have the memory arranged as such:

A1: 1 GB
A2: 1 GB
B1: 1 GB
B2: 1 GB
A3: 512 MB
A4: 512 MB
B3: Empty
B4: Empty

I'll soon be receiving two 4 GB DIMMs and am trying to figure out how to install them to maximize performance. I know they should be paired, but do you still put the largest RAM first? And if so, does A3 come before B1 or vice versa? Where should I put the RAM in order to maximize potential (and yes, I realize any differences will be small)?

I was surprised to see that my computer was three years old. I think I'll keep this one for about four - doubling up my normal "every two years" schedule for a desktop model. It's still got two dual-core 3.0 GHz processors.

2 Responses to "8 GB RAM on the Way"

  1. The order of slots is A1/A2 B1/B2 A3/A4 B3/B4.

    You should probably put the 4GB sticks in A1/A2 and move the 512 sticks to B3/B4

  2. Every two years? OK. My desktop machine is a PowerMac G5 Early 2005, and I'm wondering whether I should replace it already (and with what. A Mac Pro is a bit overkill for me). 🙂