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Fixing the Snow Leopard MobileMe Sync Issue

A few days ago I wrote about a MobileMe Sync issue under Snow Leopard. Ever since trying to troubleshoot that issue - knock on wood - things have been operating smoothly here.

I still have the Preference plist was NOT a dictionary stuff in my Console, but the syncs take far less time and don't kill the CPU and the disk.

What did I do? I manually checked on each of the various sync items. I reset my sync data for my preferences and wrote over the cloud's data with the data from my desktop Mac. Someone else in the comments said that they unregistered and re-registered their computer.

Normal troubleshooting stuff, really. And yet it really seems to have cleared out some of the "gunk" that perhaps had accumulated. Give it a try.

2 Responses to "Fixing the Snow Leopard MobileMe Sync Issue"

  1. My contacts had not been syncing correctly for a while. (Calendar syncing, and iPhone to MobileMe contact syncing worked, but edits and new contacts did not go up from Mac to

    I went to the Apple store, and the "genius" failed to help me. He suggested I set up a call with an "expert" from AppleCare. That didn't work. They suggested I set up a chat with MobileMe support. That didn't work. They said I should e-mail my problem to a "specialist". The "specialist" promised this would be fixed within a day or two. In fact, two weeks have passed and nothing happened at all. I'm spending a fair amount of money on MobileMe and AppleCare -- very frustrating.

    Thus, I was close to deciding to switch to Google for syncing, but I finally figured this out on my own, based on some ideas from the chat with MobileMe support. Here's what I did:

    1. set sync with MobileMe to "manual" in System Prefs / MobileMe / Sync

    2. back up your contacts -- quit AB

    3. drag all the files out of ~/Library/Application Support/Address Book

    4. create folders on the Finder to mirror the folders in Address Book

    5. relaunch AB

    6. option-drag the contacts in each AB folder to the corresponding Finder folder (option-dragging creates a separate file for each contact)

    7. option-drag the contacts in All Contacts to the corresponding Finder folder

    8. delete all contacts in the AB

    9. drag the contacts back from the Finder, folder by folder, to the corresponding folders in the AB

    10. sync

    11. go back to automatic syncing

    That worked for me, anyway.

  2. Thanks! good suggestion, worked here.