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Snow Leopard Loses My Keyboard

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, my keyboard has been "lost" by my Mac Pro a few times. Suddenly keyboard input will simply cease to work - or at least all of the letter and number keys.

The fix I've found is to hit ctrl-eject (which still works), click "sleep" with the mouse (which continues to work), and then re-awaken the machine. My keyboard works after that.

It may not be a Snow Leopard bug, but rather a TypeIt4Me bug, which also exhibits another bug where expansions take over the clipboard. That's annoying and still isn't fixed in TypeIt4Me 4.2.

Update: Happens under 10.6.1 too. It's so infrequent I can't really disable TI4M to see if that's the problem. It's only happened four times since I installed Snow Leopard.

5 Responses to "Snow Leopard Loses My Keyboard"

  1. I had the same problem once yesterday (after installing 10.6.1) and I do not have TypeIt4Me installed. I ended up sleeping/waking as well to get it back.

    Interestingly, using the Dev Tools USB Prober it showed the keyboard still connected but it was marked as “(Device is suspended)”

  2. Happens to me too, no TypeIt4Me installed either. Happens on a fresh install of SL and 10.6.1 update, not a 10.5 upgrade. I think its related to USB storage. Will report again later!

  3. Nope, not the USB drive either. Have you found a solution to the problem yet?

  4. yep, lost keyboard (wired original mac) - macpro with 10.6.1, very random process.

  5. Same here. The problem is related to spaces. You can find other users with the very same problem here: