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Winning at Scrabble

I'd like to have a Scrabble night at our house. It's a good game on a number of levels. Perhaps every other Saturday or something - weekly would be overkill. Maybe we can play different games on the odd weeks ((Or would they be the even weeks? :-D)).

3 Responses to "Winning at Scrabble"

  1. Play all the time on Facebook - it's a great game, but gets old pretty quickly. Mix it up with card games.

  2. We play enough that we change up the rules on Scrabble sometimes to keep it fresh. A good variation we like is "Scrabblefish" – instead of drawing seven tiles, you draw six. Then you can ask anyone in the game for a specific letter, a la the card game "Go Fish". If they don't have it, you draw a random tile from the pile. Give it a try.

  3. Have you enjoyed the Scrabble Me edition?