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AppleScript and CMIs Removed in Snow Leopard

I removed a few OSAX and several contextual menu items in Snow Leopard because they were either a) spewing messages in the console, or b) simply not working/loading.

My list is:

  • 24U Appearance OSAX.osax
  • CopyPath.plugin
  • dppCMPlugIn.plugin
  • DropboxPlugin.plugin
  • ParallelsCM.plugin
  • Satimage.osax
  • XML Tools.osax
  • Renamer4Mac.plugin

Parallels will likely update itself at some point in the future (or not - I don't really think I care). Same with the Dropbox one - which already has. The rest, well, goodbye, I guess? Are they being updated? Can I delete 'em? Current plan is to keep them until I'm certain I can just delete them… but that might not be more than about a week away.