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Cyndicate Enclosure Issue – Help?

Can those of you with copies of Cyndicate try this please and report back?

These are the commands you'll enter in the Terminal (with Cyndicate not running). If you're uncomfortable in the Terminal, skip this post entirely.

First, note the size of your "Cyndicate.cyndata" file.

% cd Library/Application\ Support/Cyndicate/Cyndicate.cyndata/
% sqlite3 dataStore.sql

SQLite version 3.6.12
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
sqlite> select count(*) from ZENCLOSURE where zarticle isnull;

We're interested in the number you get here. I got 222 and that was after only a short time using the database.

sqlite> delete from ZENCLOSURE where zarticle isnull;
sqlite> vacuum;
sqlite> .quit

If you'd like to help, please report your total and your before/after sizes in the comments below. Thanks.

5 Responses to "Cyndicate Enclosure Issue – Help?"

  1. Old file size: 25.2 MB
    New file size: 24.1 MB

    The select statement revealed 9201 ZENCLOSUREs.

  2. Start file size for the DB: 32313344

    Count from query: 35495

    File size after vacuum: 26798080

  3. 694 zenclosures.

    29 MB before and after.

  4. Before: 1669901129 (1.56G)

    sqlite> select count(*) from ZENCLOSURE where zarticle isnull;

    After: 849292105 (810Mb)

  5. Count: 32049
    Before: 55.7 MB
    After: 51.3 MB

    My database dates from beta testing Cyndicate (unless I started from scratch at some point, I don't remember exactly).