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Adium Development Stalling, Contact List Sucks

Adium 1.4b9 was released on August 21 of this year. Since then, no updates of any kind have been released.

I use Adium because it works reasonably well, looks the way I like, and I chat with people on various networks (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, etc.) regularly.

In later versions, however, I tend to wake up or return to the computer to find bizarre, ugly situations where contacts from different groups have been merged. It's annoying to say the least - I have to spend the next ten minutes resetting my contact list - and deleting a few of the problematic contacts doesn't seem to help much. After running Adium for awhile, clicking the useless "Choose Address Book Card…" brings up an AB Picker that shows about eight of each group, and searching for "Bob" shows results for "Emily" and "Steve." It's FUBAR.

I have no doubt that Adium development will pick up soon again, and hopefully they can resolve the contact list issues.

One Response to "Adium Development Stalling, Contact List Sucks"

  1. Try the Adium nightly. It's not supported, but I've been using it for weeks now with no problems at all.