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Bad Grammar like Spots on a Lens

Bad grammar and spelling on the Internet.

I've called it a pet peeve. I've called it an occupational hazard. I can't and likely never will really "get over" it, but I do know that pointing out bad grammar and/or spelling to the author almost never results in a positive outcome.

That said, I like the way one commenter put it here:

I liken it to brushing your hair or checking your suit for lint before an interview; people will notice errors, and, for some of them, it's a deal-breaker. They'll stop reading, outright, or they'll view everything else you wrote with increased scepticism.

In some cases, too, the errors are such that they get in the way of the message—it's not unlike trying to view the world through a lens covered with specks of dust. Clean them, and your point is easier to discern.

3 Responses to "Bad Grammar like Spots on a Lens"

  1. Rarely is irony so sweet.

  2. [quote comment="55747"]Rarely is irony so sweet.[/quote]

    What, "scepticism"?

  3. [quote comment="55749"]What, "scepticism"?[/quote]

    Yeah, just a bit ironic.