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I Think Your Real Name is Tyler?

So five years ago I wrote a very short post at The Sand Trap detailing an interaction I had with an online retailer. It's here.

Go ahead and read a few of the comments. I'll wait. Note how the guy was sued by the Illinois Attorney General late in 2007.

The guy recently discovered this five-year-old post and is now harassing me via email. I've asked him to stop, and then blocked him in my badmailfrom file.

Here are some of the recent email exchanges:

From him:


Just wanted to let you know Thank you for your expertise and telling me how I am and how I am doing. I just wanted to let you know that BHM GOLF is stronger than every and prouder than ever to stand tall. I was just looking at Sand Trap and wanted to see the culp and saw you that you were upset. I BHM GOLF have changed our customerservice procedures and Yes we reacted to other customers. but know it is differant. Take A look at resellerratings. There are 2 positives in the month of october 2009.

Again what can do to try and resolve it with you and you to remove this. Can we do this the easy way? or the hard way.

You know not every complaint steers on the product complaint. Some complaints are down rate berating and violent.

BHM GOLF Customerservice.

I responded:

Stop emailing me. I've already said that if you've truly changed - which I don't believe - then people are free to comment and say so.

I've also seen you berating everyone who posts negatively about you in ResellerRatings and calling them names - in October and September - and I've seen the two positive reviews. They're both from new accounts that have a total of ONE review each. Fishy at best.

After I send this email, I'm going to block you from sending me email.

I had to wait long enough before restarting my mail server to make sure my email went out, and in that time he was able to get one more email through to me (titled "YOUR CHOICE PAY ALL THE FEES OR REMOVE THE STORY"):


By the way, they are new customers that had good experience with BHMGOLF. we have signed up as a member of reseller and everyone is going to write a review based on their exper. I guess you have nothing better in your life to pay attention to BHMGOLF.

By the way was reading article in the Chicago Tribune about online forums posting negative comments toward business's. They mentioned each complaint can be told if it is about the task at hand. it does not belittle or question the ethics of the company. if it does violate the online forums are getting sued or have demand letters to remove from their site. and if it stays in google the company often sues for damages.

Your choice Mr. Erik Barzeski., I guess you a big wig at SANDTRAP or do you work in your basement ?

The way you respond to the emails are quite frankly downright rude. I think your real name is tyler -------.

Do you break 100 without cheating ? are you one that cheats at Golf?

Make God feel right in your eyes and review the listings to see if they are the real truth. you don't want to pay any lawyer fees or damages.

Have a nice day

New and Improved BHM GOLF Customerservice

Then again, in another email called "BIG MAN AT THE SAND TRAP.. POWER BY





I don't have a category for "crazy" so I'm just listing this under "Miscellaneous." If he keeps emailing me, I'll keep posting them here.

Edit: Removed the last name from the post as it points at this commenter, who didn't leave his last name.

5 Responses to "I Think Your Real Name is Tyler?"

  1. This guy seems to believe that you can be held liable for the things people say about him on a forum or blog. Rather than sending you emails might I suggest he read this article instead?

  2. What a sorry saga. If he's harassing you, I would be inclined to PDF and print your and his emails and forward to the Illinois Attorney General and if the occasion arose, advise him of the same. It appears he does have lawyers trying to reduce the number of possible litigants that could act against him. I'd keep everything in front of the AG. Nice work helping your fellow consumers. Sometimes it takes some kahunas.

  3. I ordered a golf bag with gift cards and was told that the order would be placed. I did not receive any notifications for one week. I called for an update and was told that they were waiting for their shipments from the vendor. I called 5 days later to be told the same thing. My girlfriend called and was told that the order was cancelled. I called for further explanation and was told that my girlfriend cancelled the order. I requested more information and was told that they were still waiting for the vendor to ship the bag. I told him that I wanted to cancel the order due to lack of communication and their poor BBB ratings. The individual then told me that I enjoy belittling him and I am that much less of a person. I said that I do not want to conduct business with them anymore. The individual then called my cell phone harassing me about "belittling" them. He then called and said that he finds my voice sexy. I had 8 phone calls in 12 minutes from this individual. He also called back yelling obscenities and personally threatening me.

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! If the price is too good to be probably is.



    ON EBAY..........

  5. I had the unfortunate chance of ordering from this website also. I came out on the upside though. 2 years ago i ordered 4 items from this website. It took 2 months to recieve the first 2 items. Still never recieved all of the items I ordered. The numerous times I called the guy was a complete ass. The most expensive item I ordered was the last one I recieved. A callaway golf bag. Instead of recieving my cheapest item, a callaway giftset they sent me an extra callaway bag. This is 6 months after the order was placed. Even though I'd had 6 mths of bad experience with this guy I still called and let him know he sent me an extra bag instead of the 12 buck giftset. He argued with me on the phone and told me I didnt know what I was talking about! Well it took 6 months but I made out a 100 bucks richer re-selling the extra bag. So thanks to BHM for being a douche! Def would never ever reccommend this vendor to anyone!!!!!