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Snow Leopard’s USB Forgetfulness and AppleEvents?

I wonder if Snow Leopard's propensity for "losing" USB devices is related to the AppleEvents bug I wrote about yesterday.

It seems like it could be, right?

P.S. Snow Leopard lost my keyboard twice today. Both were coincidentally after I had switched Spaces with a keyboard shortcut (ctrl-1, -2, -3). Yesterday it lost my mouse while using Aperture's spot correction tool.

4 Responses to "Snow Leopard’s USB Forgetfulness and AppleEvents?"

  1. A commenter on the earlier post pointed to an Apple Discussions board. I'd been putting my computer to sleep and waking it up to solve the issue, but it turns out there's a simpler way: kill the dock.

    I've made an AppleScript and assigned it a keyboard shortcut now so I can just fire up the script - tell application "Dock" to quit - when Spaces screws up my keyboard.

    And yeah, I'm kidding about the keyboard shortcut, obviously. I use the mouse to select the script from the FastScripts menu.

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