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Flash Drawing Application – Recommendations or a Developer Needed

Here's what I need to be able to do:

  1. Play video via Flash, including support for slow-speed and frame-by-frame playback.
  2. Position a second layer of Flash above the movie along with some basic drawing tools.
  3. Save the drawings (lines, circles, etc.) to the proper spots in the video in such a way that the drawing objects will appear or disappear at the appropriate times in playback.

In essence, I need a very Flash basic drawing tool that can "sync" to a video and make lines, circles, and some other basic shapes appear at the proper time.

For the first, there are several libraries out there to do it. Flash can play video pretty easily, so I'm not worried about this except how it relates to two and three.

For the second and third, I know there are some drawing/animation packages out there in Flash. I don't recall whether they've been freely available or whether they've required.

The ideal solution is one that's already built - even if it's something you have to purchase. The second solution is to hire a Flash developer to create something for me.

Any tips?