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Am I Dumber Now? Two Wisdom Teeth Gone

So the wisdom teeth I said I needed to have removed? They came out today.

I went with nitrous because it seemed like one of those decisions that you can regret later on… after it's too late. Turned out I really wouldn't have needed it at all.

Both teeth popped out in about thirty seconds. They pried into the "inter-ligamental space" (or something like that), wiggled them a little, and popped them right out.

I took 400 mg of Advil already (this may be enough I'm told), but if I want to live out any Greg House fantasies I have a vicodin prescription ready and waiting.

The fridge and freezer are stocked with puddings and ice creams. I have gauze soaking up any remaining blood, and I should be good to go. I'm going to take it easy over the next few days, and perhaps I'll update this post if anything strikes me. But right now, things seem fine (knock on wood).

P.S. I really hate having gauze in my mouth. I have a hard time resisting the urge to swallow.