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Microsoft in a Nutshell

Alternative title: "Everything Wrong with Microsoft":


P.S. Microsoft even poached store managers: Lisa at Apple, Lisa at MSFT (thanks ap).

4 Responses to "Microsoft in a Nutshell"

  1. [Note: I watched this without sound so I may have missed the point]

    I seem to recall a similar video with exactly the same thing happening at the opening of a new Apple store, although that could be what you're pointing out.

    I noticed is that there is very little advertising/signage on the walls compared to an Apple store. And the Microsoft staff look a little geekier.

    And what's with the suits at 0:45-0:48?

  2. OK, seriously, can they not do ANYTHING original??

    Come on, Microsoft - you hire thousands of employees. Surely one of them has an original idea.

    Windows 7, Microsoft Stores, Zune - please, PLEASE do something - ANYTHING - original.