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Lightroom 3 Public Beta

On a day when I hear that Aperture 3 will not ship until May, 2010 ((Don't believe it - it's just the far-in-the-distance date of an Aperture book, and not even soft proof of anything except a slip-up or a guess by someone at, Adobe offers up Lightroom 3.0 Public Beta. The download is here.


  • Redesigned Importing - I like Aperture just fine here, and particularly like how it manages my images.
  • Drag and Drop Publishing to the Web - I can do this too, but it might be nice on occasion to have it be simpler than relying on plugins (as with Aperture).
  • Pro-Level Noise Reduction - Depending on how it works, either "eh" or "yes, please!"
  • Built-in Film Grain Feature - Cuz you'll use this feature, what, twice, ever?
  • Better Vignetting - "Eh."
  • Export a Slideshow with Music - "Eh deux."
  • Real Watermarking - Aperture's watermarking always leaves me guessing so much I simply opt not to watermark, so this might be good.
  • Create Print Layouts Everywhere - I don't print.
  • Change Background Color for Prints - I still don't print.
  • Collections Panel is now in Develop Module - I'm still not entirely sure I like the idea of having "modules" to begin with.

I'll download it, but I'm not even sure I'll install it.

What are your thoughts?

Oh, and where the heck is Aperture 3.0? Or even any chatter about it? Why can't Apple do something public like this ((And before anyone responds to this part, I know why, and I still think it's a stupid reason.))?

P.S. 68.1 MB for Mac OS X, 120 MB for Windows, both as .zip files?

One Response to "Lightroom 3 Public Beta"

  1. Other than the Pro-Level Noise Reduction (which you could use Noise Ninja) and the Drag and Drop Publishing on the Web I see myself staying with LR 2.5. Watermarking can be done with LR2/Mogrify.