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Oglebay Resort

  • Palmer course has fairways that are too narrow with elevation changes that are too severe.
  • How does water not drain off these slopes? It doesn't.
  • Got sick and tired of swinging at golf balls at belt or knee level.
  • Jones course has dumb greens starting at about the eighth hole. At least SOME of the holes are flatter.
  • Then again some, like the fifth, feature a 45° NASCAR style fairway.
  • The rooms are nice enough.
  • Only one dining option is lame.
  • They're already preparing for Christmas.

At least I scored reasonably well.

2 Responses to "Oglebay Resort"

  1. The train display is awesome!

  2. If you ever need someone to join you on these boondoggles 🙂 let me know. I make my own schedule these days and work from wherever.