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My AppleTV To-Do Item

I've heard good things about AppleTV 3.0 software.

Something I need to do: check to see if an AppleTV can share its Internet connection with, say, a DirecTV receiver (via ethernet).

If so, I'll strongly consider getting one for the bedroom. The living room TV has the Xbox 360 (with Rivet), so I don't need an AppleTV there. The bedroom TV has only a DirecTV receiver that's currently using an old domed (snow) AirPort Extreme Base Station.

If I can replace the Base Station with an AppleTV, I may be buying. If not, then I still have no need for an AppleTV.

Page to check eventually: ((I'm not blogging from my desktop computer or I'd just check it now.)).

6 Responses to "My AppleTV To-Do Item"

  1. You can't. It doesn't act as an access point.

  2. [quote comment="55964"]You can't. It doesn't act as an access point.[/quote]

    Thanks. Kind of figured as much. That's a wee bit lame - it probably wouldn't be hard to add and would make it easier for people to justify a purchase.

  3. I misunderstood at first, but a Mac mini can do NAT on the ethernet port to share its wireless connection.

    Also, all you'd need is a small hub/switch there to get it to work.

  4. I highly recommend getting a MoCA router. My wireless connection could never stream at full bandwidth/quality. MoCA gets about 300MB/sec. Its basially a pair of cable modems within your own house.
    It also liberated me from running wires..

    These are the ones i got: (comes with 2)

    With that you would just need those and an ethernet switch.

  5. [quote comment="55970"]I highly recommend getting a MoCA router.[/quote]

    No reason to. I'm not getting an AppleTV…

  6. I use it (primarily) to stream to my 360 and tivo. I don't have an appletv. Just figured i'd mention it since i love the things 😛