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JPG Magazine is Back

JPG is back (Issue 20 is now available). They're going all digital with print-on-demand for an extra fee.

The stupid site now lists me as a "Subscriber since October 2009," which isn't right at all, but I don't care enough to bother their support people to have it corrected.

I took advantage of a special to buy a year (now four issues) for $6 with four issues added free, but I was already paid up through issue 31. Fortunately, my account status says I have 20 issues left, so that seems to be right.

I gave a gift subscription to someone - I hope he got it as well.

I still haven't uploaded any photos since I removed them all when they supposedly went out of business. I didn't want my rights potentially sold to another company. That said, I still plan to take my time uploading photos and considering their "Plus" option.