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A Brief Moment of Silence for Vinay

Today Vinay Venkatesh lost control of his motorcycle after he hit a rut. He was airlifted to Stanford hospital and died in surgery a short while later.

I hadn't talked to Vinay much in the past few years. He was very busy (and very in demand) at VMWare. I came to the Mac development scene shortly after Vinay well over a decade ago, and he was one of the first Mac devs I called a friend despite the fact that we hung out only a few times.

Please take a moment to consider your friends. Tell them the next time you talk to them how much you appreciate having them in your life. Hug them if it's appropriate. I think Vinay would appreciate it if his last act, of sorts, would be to make people appreciate each other a little more.

Vinay, you will be missed.