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‘Who Searched’ on Facebook

Who Searched?Funny, isn't it, how the "see who searched for you" ad on the right side of about 1/4 of the Facebook pages I look at always shows some 19-year old semi-trampy looking chick with cleavage and minimal clothing, isn't it?

C'mon, Facebook. Are people that dumb?

Please don't answer that.

10 Responses to "‘Who Searched’ on Facebook"

  1. I never see that stuff - I run the Adblock add on for Mozilla - It hides all the facebook advertising from my page so it stays nice and clean!..

    Just search for firefox add ons and find Adblock.

    1. [quote comment="56027"]Just search for firefox add ons and find Adblock.[/quote]

      I don't really care about ads. And Firefox on the Mac kind of sucks - I use Safari. This comment isn't about the presence of ads, but the content.

  2. Yes, people are that dumb. Just look at the number of members of the Facebook groups that promise you to see who's visiting your profile or change the colour your profile page, requireing that you join the group and invite all your friends to it.

  3. You mean these hotties aren't looking for me? Darn. Well, a guy can dream...

  4. It seems that 90% of the ads I see on Facebook use that kind of images, no matter what the ad is actually about. Boobs = attention, goes the logic. It's outright disgusting.

  5. I find advertisements that like that on many websites. Websites that show women in "my area." The funny thing is that I live in a rural town of 97 people. Believe me, I would know if those women were in "my area"

    1. Kevin, that is HILARIOUS, since I live in a small, rural town as well. There is no fricken way that these chicks live ANYWHERE near here.

      Enterprise, Or. Population 1600+

      Aren't these blatant lies considered fraud??

      Anybody else think this?

  6. Part of Facebook's business model is to encourage cheating and infidelity. Therefore it only makes sense for FB to display trampy looking models posing in ads. FB is no different then most larger sites - they just want to earn a buck at any cost.

  7. @ joseph, it's all about the money. "by any means neccessary". the sad thing is that FB's members or whatever we are called, include a high percentage of tweens. its become the "norm" in the media, music, tv, advertisement, video games etc. TOO MANY people find nothing wrong with the sleezy advertisement industry.

  8. People aren't that dumb. Men are that dumb. Actually we probably aren't but we are predictable, and even though we know in our logical centers of our minds that no 19 year old hottie was looking for us, it does get us curious. And curious is all it takes to get most folks to click.