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Ooooooh, Canon 7D

Y'know, I should have known better than to read the Canon 7D review at DPReview. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can get one to replace my 5D.

Since getting the 5D Mark II, I haven't used the 5D much. It's come in handy when I've needed to use two lenses without having time to swap them, but the last time I needed that was May or June. It's still a great camera and it's still in great shape.

For $1700? I can wait. I'm not all that serious about getting this, but 8 FPS and another camera that can do video would be nice. I like the 19-point AF sensors. APS-C, eh. Don't much care for that.

It compares favorably against the Nikon D300S and the Pentax K-7.

Anyone want to buy a 5D? OK, I'm kidding. Kind of. Maybe. Mostly? 🙂

3 Responses to "Ooooooh, Canon 7D"

  1. It compares favorably against the D300s? 😆

    Especially at high ISO and when comparing the AF...

    1. [quote comment="56057"]It compares favorably against the D300s? :lol:[/quote]

      Did you click the link? It does there, yes… do you disagree? Or are you just being a reasonably polite Nikon Troll? 🙂 (I mean that nicely, Ralph - just teasing - but I really can't tell how you meant what you typed.)

  2. If the price is right.... 😉