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Doortags and Being Home

Found another doortag from FedEx on my door just now… It's marked 2:23pm. I've been home since 8:30am. They don't ring the doorbell - they walk up to the door with a tag that's been pre-filled and stick it on, then walk away.

What I don't get is this: they're going to have to deliver it eventually. Do they just do this on days when they're behind?

4 Responses to "Doortags and Being Home"

  1. You need a door that detects when a tag is placed and rings the bell. And a webcam so you can check it's FedEx. And a tractor beam the prevent the truck from leaving while you're going to the door.

  2. I actually got a FedEx doortag the other day... in addition to the package on the doorstep. No doorbell, no knock. They just dropped the package off and stuck a doortag telling me when they did it.

  3. I've never had FedEx do this (to my knowledge)

    But UPS? All the damn time.

    I WORK FROM HOME PEOPLE. I know when the delivery dude is full of crap.

  4. [quote comment="56084"]I've never had FedEx do this (to my knowledge)

    But UPS? All the damn time.[/quote]

    Yeah, I should have been clearer. FedEx is usually better about this - and this was FedEx Ground, which is out of a different building and is apparently almost an entirely different business, than "regular FedEx."

    UPS does seem to do it a lot more frequently. Plus, they're far more likely to leave a package by my garage door - which I almost never see - instead of my FRONT DOOR, which is where my address actually is.