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Rivet 2.3 Now Available

RivetRivet 2.3, Cynical Peak's software for sharing your movies, music, and photos with your Xbox 360, PS3, and now select XLNA devices, is now available. This is a free upgrade for existing customers and it fixes or improves on a lot of things:

  • Added using a file's thumbnail for custom images. See release blog post for more info.
  • Added automatic clean-up of the thumbnail cache.
  • Added smart sorting. "The," "A," and "An" are ignored when sorting movies and photos (xbox still sorts with them). Music is sorted by using the song's sort name metadata (which can be set in iTunes).
  • Improved photo viewing performance, especially when using Aperture.
  • Improved parsing and start-up speed.
  • Improved navigation for some devices.
  • Reordered the top level listing.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Fixed the issue where you could only add one photo path.
  • Fixed preserving which playlists are selected between launches.
  • Fixed a launch issue due to the computer name not being properly encoded.
  • Added support for CEIVA Pro 80 picture frames from CEIVA Logic Inc., Denon audio/video receivers, and Plex Media Center for OS X.

One Response to "Rivet 2.3 Now Available"

  1. I appreciate that MacNN wrote about Rivet today, but this is wrong:

    Material can be pulled direclty [sic] from Aperture, iPhoto or iTunes libraries, though video can only be streamed from custom folders.

    Video can be streamed from your iTunes library too, and you don't have to add any folders to enable that.