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iPhone 3G Clock Time Late?

iCal (or, technically, BusyCal) Alarms in our house are a somewhat comedic event. If Carey and I are both on our portables ((See how I refrained from calling them "laptops"?)), three computers sound off at the same time along with her iPhone (an original, and thus, an EDGE phone). A symphony of beeps and dings and chimes rain down on us from every corner of the house.

Then, about a minute later, my iPhone 3G alerts me ((I just timed it: it's actually 0:55 behind my Mac Pro.)) What's up with that? Is the AT&T 3G network time off or something? Why is my phone so tardy?

I have my phone set to "Automatically" set the time. Or, rather, I did until I manually moved up the minutes by one just now.

4 Responses to "iPhone 3G Clock Time Late?"

  1. Same here. I don’t think that this has something to do with the carrier. It isn’t a real problem, because a couple of seconds aren’t really THAT much.

  2. My 3GS and Macbook clock are within 2 seconds of each other. iCal reminders show up on both at the same time. Must be something with your local AT&T network.

  3. Mine are within 2-3 seconds of each other, too.

  4. My iPhone 3G and my iMac are within a second or so. In fact, it's not unusual for me to feel my iPhone vibrate a half second before the iCal alert pops up on my iMac.