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Chrome OS: Just a Browser and Five Years Too Early

I don't care about it. Not one bit. It's a netbook with less functionality than a netbook. The OS is a browser, and in my opinion, we ain't there yet.

I don't need two cars, but I don't need a bike, either. I need a car and… whatever my iPhone is in this particular metaphor.

5 Responses to "Chrome OS: Just a Browser and Five Years Too Early"

  1. a scooter? ...maybe a Segway?

  2. a brick? sorry Brick®

  3. Heh, reminded me of a quote I heard years ago about someone with an TCP/IP stack for his Commodore 64: "This is riding a skateboard on the information highway."

  4. The Google netbook will be free

  5. You know, I am an OS fanatic. I love operating systems, and am probably second only to Amit Singh in the number of OSes I run in emulation/virtualization. Chrome OS is the first OS I have ever come across that I just flat don't care anything about. At all.