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Are You Using Google’s New DNS Service?


Why or why not? Answer and share your thoughts below in the comments.

13 Responses to "Are You Using Google’s New DNS Service?"

  1. To see if it's any good.

  2. OpenDNS.

  3. No, because I'm the sysadmin for a college so I'm already maintaining a DNS server. So I don't need to use anyone else's.

    Although I did send some queries to it using 'dig' ... it seems to work fine.

  4. Google for curiosities sake, works incredibly quickly for me compared to T-Coms

  5. Nope. I have no interest in letting Google track every hostname that I look up. Egads. They already have enough info on me - I don't need them to know every DNS lookup I do too.

  6. It gives me lower pings than my ISP, and has no annoying redirect for misspelled names.

  7. The DNS on the shuttle bus wifi for my commute is just dreadful. Google's DNS makes it a lot less painful to browse the web.

  8. I switched to Google because I'm tired of Comcast making me *repeatedly* opt out of their redirect "feature". As Google is not tying the searches to my account, it's no worse than the data that Comcast was tracking on me.

  9. It's noticeably faster for me than using my ISPs DNS servers.

  10. Google, it’s fast!

  11. OpenDNS baby!

  12. Haven't gotten around to changing it yet.

  13. I might. I finally opted out of Comcast's craptastic redirect "feature" so that's no longer a determining feature, but i'm waiting until i can do a speed test to see if it's really that much quicker.