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Great Room – Dimmer Replacement

Yesterday I wrote about replacing a fan with a light bulb. Today I took down the ceiling fan and one of the sets of track lighting to see what the possibilities might be on replacing it all in one fell swoop. The bulbs burn out all the time, they're hot, and we might like to simply replace them with a basic set of normal switches instead of dimmers.

If you can help, there's more in the extended entry…

Track lights are identified in the image below as "strip lights" because when I was making the diagram I couldn't remember the name.

Now, the first diagram is a simplified version of what's present. In reality, there are a lot of connectors ((Those little yellow twisty type, primarily.)). I'm confident enough with my knowledge of electricity to have simplified it to this, however:

Great Room Dimmers

What I'm not entirely sure of is the latter image where I've drawn the arrows. When I took down the fan, the light on DS3 went out. When I took down the single set of track lights, the light on DS1 went out. In both cases the light on DS2 remained on. Perhaps the arrows are backwards? I doubt it really matters.

This is the only bank of switches that controls the lights (and fan, currently) in this room of the house, and since they all seem to have two poles, it should be a lot easier to replace than the four-way switch I replaced several years ago.

Any thoughts? Or is this as easy as it seems?

One Response to "Great Room – Dimmer Replacement"

  1. Everything's back in place. I replaced all three dimmers with regular (and beige now, instead of white) switches. The two that are hooked up work (I have to hook up a track light again tomorrow). The overhead light is bright - two 100w (23w - 1600 lumen) bulbs. It's an unusual light, but we'll get used to it eventually. We'll look to replace the track lighting with a moodier lighting after the holidays.

    I also replaced the three-way switch in the kitchen with a non-dimmer. We put some CFLs in there as well.