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LumaLoop Camera Carrier

Just as I was interested in the Spider Holster and Cotton Carrier, I find myself interested in the LumaLoop as well. Unfortunately, you can't demo any of these things anywhere, and the indecision is causing me to sit around and do nothing instead.

I have two L-brackets on my 5Ds and they don't offer D-rings like I'd probably like to use with the LumaLoop if I picked one of those up, so I'm going to have to also investigate inexpensive D-ring solutions for the bottom of my camera(s) too. They wouldn't need to be versatile - I don't care if it has a tripod mount to fit my clamps or anything, as that's what the L-Brackets are for.

Also, how would you use two LumaLoops (with two cameras)?

P.S. Also, I'm still considering the R-Strap, which was out first and which seems awfully similar to the LumaLoop.

One Response to "LumaLoop Camera Carrier"

  1. I think lumaloop i interesting to be use. I didn't try yet that thing. That's why I have no idea of that. Thank you for the information that you post.