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Five Guys – Good Burgers?

I talked before about restaurants I wish Erie had, and today yet again Lindburgers (which still doesn't have an actual website) came up in conversation with a friend.

He recommended a burger place called "Five Guys." The nearest is in Meadville, a 30-minute drive. The menu looks perfect and though it seems to be a bit more "fast foody" than Lindburgers, I'm still hopeful it can top the best Erie has to offer (which, sadly, is Max & Erma's - or perhaps Steak 'n Shake).

12 Responses to "Five Guys – Good Burgers?"

  1. I'd say that Five Guys is worth at least one thirty minute drive. We've got one in Columbus (OH), and I'm a big fan. I can't compare to Lindburgers, but definitely would kick the pants off Max & Erma's and definitely Steak 'n Shake.

  2. Five Guys is good. I, personally, wouldn't drive 30 minutes for it... but if you're really looking for a good greasy burger, it might be worth a try. Do you have any other excuse to go to Meadville?

  3. At least in my neck of the woods (Albany, New York), I'd definitely drive 30 minutes for a Five Guys burger & cajun fries. They're definitely a fast food environment, but the food itself transcends its surrounding.

    Just stay away if you've a peanut allergy. They fry in peanut oil. So tasty!

  4. Haven't tried it yet but heard it's just like In N Out
    You'll be able to find more reviews here

  5. Five Guys is good, and the one I've been to was very generous with the fries (filled the fry container, put it in the bag, then dumped a scoop of extra fries into the bag). The restaurant has a fast food feel, but the burgers are better than any other fast food chain.

    However, they are a little pricey, in my opinion. For about the same money, I'd rather go to Red Robin.

  6. My son and I both love Five Guys. The last time I went, I commented that it was like "Heaven in a greasy paper sack." It's delicious.

  7. Our area has a Five Guys, and I'm not a fan. It's OK, but there are definitely better burgers around here... but that's at a local chain with only 5 branches, so you should just try Five Guys. 🙂

  8. Not as good as In N Out, but a similar vibe.

  9. Five guys is pretty decent fast food burgers but they're certainly not healthy 😉

  10. Weirdly, I have just returned from a vacation to Bonita Springs, FL, and I ate at both Five Guys and Steak & Shake.

    Five Guys is probably worth the 30-minute drive. Their fries are made from fresh potatoes, and they have a sign up saying where the potatoes for that day came from. The portions are pretty huge and it was probably one of the nicest burgers I had.

    Just make sure you tell them you want to go "All The Way"!

  11. The best fries ever, just know that the regular burgers are double and the mini ones are singles.

    My top three college choices all have Five Guys within walking distance!

  12. So I went. The fries were much better than the burger. I was told to expect some greasiness (in a good way), and instead I got a burger where the cheese didn't even melt. No grease at all. It wasn't dry, but it was nowhere near "greasy" at all.

    Kind of disappointed. Maybe I had set my expectations too high… but then again, I seem to have gotten the one in a thousand burgers from Five Guys that's not greasy?